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French Fries £ 1.99
Onion Rings £ 3.49
Cheese Corn Balls
Grated cheese and sweet corn mix with onion, chilli, ginger, indian spices & deep fried.
£ 5.99
Chilly Potato Dry
Cubes potato marinated in Indian spices mixed with chilli sauce, dieced onion & capsicum.
£ 5.99
Channa Chaat
Boiled chick peas mixed with onion, chilli, tomato, lemon juice & chaat masala.
£ 4.99
Roasted Masala Peanuts
Roasted peanuts with chopped onion, tomato, chilli, lemon juice & chaat masala.
£ 4.99
Chicken Devil £ 6.99
Mutton Devil
Sliced boneless chicken / mutton deep fried, diced in onion,
capsicum & crushed chilli mix with hot garlic sauce.
£ 7.99
Hot Pepper Chicken
Deep fried boneless chicken mixed with spicy Chinese pepper
sauce topped with fried cashew nuts.
£ 6.99
Hot Pepper Lamb
Deep fried boneless lamb mixed with spicy Chinese pepper
sauce topped with fried cashew nuts.
£ 7.99
Chicken Lollipop
Chicken niblets marinated in Indian spices and batterand deep fried.
£ 6.99
Chicken Pepper Stick
Deep fried chicken niblets tossed with chinese spicy pepper, garlic & other spices sauce.
£ 6.99
Fish and Chips with Tartat Sauce
Crumb fried fish with potato chips & served with tartar sauce
(mayonnaise, capers, shallots, scallions, tabasco & lemon juice).
£ 7.99
Sesame Fried Prawn (Tiger Prawn) with Chips
Tiger prawn marinated in Indian spices, mix with white sesame seed & deep fried.
£ 8.99
Chicken Sizzlers £ 8.49
Mutton Sizzlers £ 9.49
Prawn Sizzlers (Tiger Prawn) £ 10.49
White wines are designated numbers 1 to 5, with 1 being the driest and 5 being the sweetest. Red wines are designated letters A to E, with A being the lightest and E being the deepest and fullest. Rosé wines are a combination of Red and White wines.
1. Puesta del Sol White - Spain
The mix of sweetness and freshness gives a perfect balance to this
wine which displays delightful aromas of tropical fruit.
£ 12.95
2. Puesta del Sol Red - Spain
Round and fruity with mellow tannins, this wine offers aromas of blackcurrant and cherries.
By The glass 175ml - £ 3.50
£ 12.95
3. Sauvignon Blanc - Chile
Fruity and refreshing with floral, citrus and green apple flavours balanced by a hint of ripe tropical fruit.
£ 14.95
4. Pinot Grigio - Italy
A fresh, dry white with gentle floral and citrus aromas. Crisp and delicate on the palate
with lightly honeyed fruit balanced by lemon acidity and a fresh dry finish.
£ 15.95
5. Chablis aC, La Colombe - France
Typical of what decent Chablis should taste like, not a trace of oak. It is pungent and flinty on
the nose with creamy fruit underneath and a ripe buttery flavour.
£ 19.95
6. Rose Zinfandel - USA
This is a fresh and lively wine on the palate.
Light creaminess surrenders to a refreshing crisp finish of strawberries and melon.
£ 14.95
Smooth ripe and easy drinking and packed with ripe
blackcurrant flavour with a warming peppery finish.
£ 16.95
8. Shiraz - South Africa
Aromas of rich fruitcake, dark chocolate and liquorice balanced by juicy blackberry and mint flavours.
£ 17.95
9. Stamps of the World Merlot - California
A medium bodied soft merlot with aromas of plums and chocolate, on the palate it has black cherries,
currants with just a hint of toasted oak on the finish.
£ 17.95
10. prosecco - ITALY
Fresh, clean and fruity with great bubbles, a hint of green apples and a refreshing acidity.
£ 18.95
Cobra - Pint £ 3.95
Black Sheep Bitter 500ml £ 3.95
Kingfisher 330ml £ 3.45
Budweiser £ 3.45
Magners 330ml £ 3.45

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